Since our inception, Safety Environemantal Testing has been totally focused on providing our clients with a conflict of intereset information and education on identifying and solving their indoor mold problems. 

Safety Environmental Testing specializes in helping both residential and business clients navigate the complicated process of indoor mold discovery, identification and removal. While we carry certifications in inspection and testing as well as mold remediation, we choose to illiminate the coflict of interest inherient in the mold remediation industy by choosing not to contract mold remediation projects. We function as an objective, third party that advocates for our clients during the mold remediation process. With over 1100 mold project behind us, we are confident that we can help you effiicently, effectivly and finacially prudently as possible, identify and solve your mold problem.

Bill Bandy

Owner/Lead Inspector

Bill founded Safety Environmental Testing in 2011. Since then, he has provided mold testing, inspection, and remediation servies for over 1000 business and residential clients throughout the St. Louis metro area.

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